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Versatildes—a New Landscape for Knitters
Where can you get your own copy of Versatildes—a New Landscape for Knitters? --- RAVELRY's got it for you!

I am in love with Cat. She is one of the most delightful people I have the blessing of loving. She is incredible! I just downloaded my new book and I cannot wait to cast on my first Tilde (~)!! 

So, why am I so enamored by Versatildes?  Well, I've seen them in real life, they are enchanting, captivating - honestly, I think they have put me under a love spell! Not to mention the yarn used which is springy and yummy - Frog Tree Ewetopia which I am sure is part of the love potion that put me under the Tilde love spell! So, if you want to be knitting something that will transfix you.... you are looking for a new obsession.... you want to feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself... or you just want to sit and knit with incredible yarn.. floating down the tilde river is my recommendation!! 

I'm sitting here, just basking in the beauty of creation, birth, life.. thinking that late last night the Tilde was born, and today the world is different because of it. So many of us will start knitting them right away, all around the world, we are participating in something together. Then others will be transfixed as we share our first projects, and more will start to knit tildes, and so on and so on... makes me giggle out loud thinking of it.. imagining it... the little tildes, big tildes, tilde vests and more! Life is springy and wavy, and full of tildes!!!! Makes me want to skip or hula-hoop with tilde joy!!!! I'll post some tilde pictures and I look forward to seeing yours! xoxox Love you!!! And Thank you CAT for the way you look at the world, for bringing us Tildes just in time for fall. Love love love you xoxoxo Buffy

PS ---Here's what our amazing Cat wrote on her book/pattern page on Ravelry:

"I’ve been developing the Versatildes for over two years, and have been unable to wear them because I didn’t want them out before I published. Hundreds of my students with whom I shared the designs have kept my secret. Tildes rival anything I have ever done, from socks to the Moebius…I’ve knit 20 Tildes and 4 Branching River Vests and I am hungry to continue. They are one of those totally satisfying knits, and so long as you work with colors that you love, they will probably all go together. Throw a Tilde or two around your neck, put on the vest, and you will look and feel magnificent.

The book also includes a collection of 19 reversible cables to use as you choose your own adventure in Tildelandia.

In my heart I imagine you having the same joy that I do."

Cat, you imagine right! BIG BIG BIG LOVE & JOY xoxoxoxo Buffy