Stitch Light

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Cool features about the Stitch Light:

Digital LED

  • That means no bulb to burn out, stays clear and crisp
  • Also means no dark spot in the middle
  • And the light is clear and white
  • Very energy efficient
  • 3 AAA batteries last a very long time
Cree Digital Chip
  • Super cool company who makes high quality chips for high end lighting
300 Lumen
  • Bright, Brilliant, Shiny, White light
3 Light Settings
  • Very Bright - great for very dark settings
  • Bright - great for daytime, reading, medium light settings
  • Flash - great for walking at night, emergencies and dropped stitches!
Fully adjustable
  • The light pivots to aim the light towards your knitting
  • The strap adjusts to your knitting style, sitting, standing, reclining - you name it.
  • Strap has side release adjustable buckle.
Zooms for focused light
  • Perfect for use in a car
  • Lighting small areas
  • Uses only 3 AAA Batteries
  • Strap is 3/4" wide to distribute the weight of the light
  • New Straps have velcro breakaways for safety and convenience
Craft Pocket Features
  • Zipper closure
  • Lined
  • Scored elastic tool holder on outside
  • Wide and deep enough for Drivers License, Credit Card, Cash and more.

Craft Pocket is uses
  • Stitch Markers
  • Measuring tape
  • Row and Stitch counters
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Crochet Hook
  • Decreased DPN's
  • Cable needles
  • Notions
  • Any other crafting tool
  • Treats!

              Stitch Light
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"Build Your Own" is the most popular style of the Stitch Light.
You choose your strap color and pocket color and we build it for you.
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Features of the Stitch Light


Here's what they are saying about the Stitch Light after Sock Summit 2011:

"I’m especially thrilled with my new ... Stitch Light"

"this clever and powerful little light..."-

"The "It" item of the whole weekend..."

by Ada Lai
on 5/23/2011

Superb product - not just for knitting
Love this product! I actually bought 2 of them - then my husband took one to use for his close-up electronics tinkering. I especially like it when I'm traveling, as it gives me focused and intense lighting when ambient lighting is either not present or insufficient.

by shannon
on 5/25/2010

I love my stitch light!
I bought my stitch light at the Maker Faire and I came home and used it the first night. I love how bright it is and is great for doing needlework.

by Shirley
on 4/18/2010

Best knitting light I've found!!
This is the best light I've found!! I've purchased other lights for knitting, especially with the darker yarns, and while they worked Okay, they only lit a very small annoying and frustrating. And forget about trying to read with one! The Stitch Light, on the other hand, has a fabulous range of light, so I don't have to keep shifting my knitting around. I'm getting a second one to keep in our camp trailer to be my best friend when we're in the woods!! LOL!!